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JFFS bootldr (fwd)

I think this could be of some interest here...

John's patch also add MD5SUM to JFFS data which would be quite interesting
to pull into the primary JFFS code (MD5 could be used instead of the simple
and far less reliable checksum currently used)...

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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 13:52:28 -0500
From: John G Dorsey <john+@xxxxxxx.edu>
To: linux-arm@xxxxxxx.uk
Subject: JFFS bootldr


I've made some changes to the Compaq bootldr program which I thought might
be of interest to people who want to start playing with JFFS. The program
also now works correctly on Assabet/Neponset.

Briefly, the changes allow the bootldr to boot a kernel image directly from
a JFFS partition in flash. Support for kernel configuration via a
lilo.conf-like file is also included.

If you'd like to begin working with these bootldr extensions, the patch is
available at:

  ftp://ftp.wearablegroup.org/pub/software/patches/bootldr-jd2.patch.gz [1]

The patch was developed on an Assabet with 4MB flash; you will need to add
the appropriate JFFS partition descriptor to the bootldr code if you have
different parts. In addition, you may need to tweak some values in the
kernel itself in order to help it find the JFFS partition and use it for the
root filesystem device. Depending on your machine, you may also need to edit
the description for your hardware to specify the location of the boot

I'd be very grateful for bug reports. Finally, an obligatory warning: this
patch introduces new selection logic around almost every piece of code that
uses the UARTs. Don't even think about trying it out on a machine for which
you don't have a JTAG cable.

Have fun,

[1] Patch is against bootldr CVS contents as of Sunday, 26 November, 2000.
    Included is a copy of the GPL, which is intended to cover the contents
    of the patch only (not the entire program).

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