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Re: Generalized Flash question

bjorn.wesen@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  It breaks after X erase-cycles, where X is usually a very large
> number today (I don't have any datasheets here, but I'd guess X >
> 100,000). So as long as you don't rewrite the same bit all the time,
> but spread your writes over the available flash area, you'll be quite
> safe.

Datasheets in front of me say 100,000. You can expect bad blocks to start 
appearing after that time, although many blocks will be fine for a lot 
longer. One thing I'm intending to add to JFFS Real Soon Now is the 
capacity to identify and work around individual bad blocks without having 
to write off the entire flash part. We need this for NAND flash anyway.


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