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Re: impacts during GC

bjorn.wesen@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  You need to be prepared to take potentially large latencies during a
> GC run though, for example during erase of a sector. Depending on the
> flash type it can take up to 2 seconds I think. During that time you
> can neither read nor write. Some more modern flashes can do that but I
> don't know if the MTD layer knows about it, or if the GC thread in
> JFFS does.. 

It's mostly implemented. The CFI chip drivers know how to interrupt erases and 
resume them. But I had SMP problems with JFFS, so I added a single semaphore
around all operations, which effectively prevents it from requesting
concurrent flash access from the low-level drivers.

That can be fixed when someone has enough time (and enough caffeine) to go
through the locking and make it more fine-grained.

Note that in 2.2/2.4, you can send the GC thread a SIGSTOP when you want it 
to stop, and you'll then only do just-in-time garbage collection to make 
space for writes which are just about to happen. Send it a SIGCONT to let 
it start up again.


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