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Re: Re: Node cache too large

Martin Gadbois <martin.gadbois@xxxxxxx.com> writes:
 >  #!/bin/bash
 >  cat /proc/slabinfo
 >  while :; do
 >    echo "12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890" >>
 >  /flash/bozo
 >  done
 >  break after a while, check /proc/slabinfo before and after... and 
 >  On my small embedded environment, slab-32 and slab-64 (struct 
 >  make up for around 1.7M of RAM!
 >  - Combine small entries into one large node (?) at scan  or GC 


Your example hits the Achille's heel of JFFS. Each write
creates a jffs_node both in RAM and in flash. By the authors'
own admission garbage collection needs work.

This is a good reason not to use JFFS for frequent logging.
It is clearly inefficient use of flash and RAM. JFFS is great
for Read-Only mounts and for Read-Write situations requiring
the very occasional write (i.e. upgrading applications
or config files, etc.).

Before JFFS can hit the "big-time" it needs work in this area.
It is still relatively new and I am sure they are accepting
volunteers. :-)

I think one of the things on their list of things to do is
being able to take a "bad erase unit" out of service. 
This will require JFFS to become more "erase unit" aware.
Which in-turn will make garbage collection easier, the file
system does not have to be a contiguous chunk moving through
flash. Garbage collection could de-frag these high node count
files, then look for erase-units that can be freed with
little or no node relocation. So as you noted, the only
real way to solve this problem:

1) Make JFFS more erase-unit aware.
2) De-frag the files.
3) Locate erase-units with high percentage of "freed" nodes.
4) Relocate "in-use" nodes.
5) Free the erase-unit and eliminate the nodes for the

Just some idle thoughts.

Dan McDonald
The Late Night Software Shop 
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