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Re: Node cache too large

David Vrabel wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been taken a look at the node cache code which somebody posted to
> this list a few months ago.  There is a major problem in that the node
> cache grows too large is there is a large number of files/nodes.  Has
> anybody else found this problem and resolved it.

I just deposited a small enhancement to JFFS:
- Use of slab cache to reduce internal fragmentation of jffs_nodes and
jffs_fm structures.
- Count the number of jffs_nodes in the system, and force GC (to do a
jffs_rewrite()) to reduce the in-RAM jffs_nodes when exceeding a ratio
(see thread_should_wake()).

For our system, that takes care of memory problems.  We also do not log
anymore in the JFFS partition...

Martin Gadbois
S/W designer
Colubris Networks (http://www.colubris.com)

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