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Re: Expected behavior of JFFS?

On Sun, 7 Jan 2001 mark.langsdorf@xxxxxxx.com wrote:

> I compiled JFFS (from David Woodhouse's 20010102 build) into a
> 2.2.18 kernel, setting the debug value to 3.  I then build and
> mounted an image.
> As soon as I mount the image, I start getting debug printfs
> in something of the following sequence:

Can you put a more complete log up for FTP somewhere, preferably bzip2'd.

> 	and maybe some others, I'm not exactly sure where the cycle
> starts.  I do know that it does not seem to end, even after leaving
> the machine running over a 4 day weekend.  In the process, the free
> space remaining on the flash drive dropped 54 Kbytes, even though I
> wasn't doing anything and none of the daemons should have been
> writing to the flash drive.

You 100% sure you weren't logging to this filesystem? Although debugging
with level 3 should generate far more than 54K in 4 days, unless you've
entirely filled the filesystem.

Can you show the lines containing "thread_should_wake" from this 4-day

> 	My flash drive is still crashing the system if I try to write
> to it.

This was the map driver oopsing on access to an area of memory which it
had definitely ioremap'd correctly, wasn't it?

Try asking on l-k about that. I'm confused.


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