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Re: Owner problems in JFFS

Using a meta file with owner information is on our TODO
list, but we don't know when it will be available.
I have added your solution as an option (-r) along with some
bugfixes in the meantime.
A patch is that also includes some improved portability changes is available
along with the complete .c file from

If you're using mkprod to build and want to use the feature,
$genjffs = "mkfs.jffs";
$genjffs = "mkfs.jffs -r";
in the mkprod script.

Don't forget to do 'make' and 'make install' in the tools directory
so that the mkfs.jffs binary is built and installed.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jonas Aaberg <aberg@xxxxxxx.ch>
To: jffs-dev@xxxxxxx.com>
Date: den 8 januari 2001 08:49
Subject: Owner problems in JFFS

>I've noticed that when I create a jffs image on my
>linux machine, mkfs.jffs gives the files in the jffs
>image the same owner as it has on my linux machine.
>This is not that good, since I make my jffs images
>(and everything else) as a normal user. So if I
>do a:
>"ls -l /mnt/flash/etc" (or "ls -l /etc/")
>it will look like this:
>-rw-r--r--  1 276      users          74  Jan 04 2001  passwd
>-rw-r--r--  1 276      users          80  Jan 04 2001  profile
>I do not know if this is a feature or a bug. But I would prefer
>that root:root owns all the files in the /etc directory.
>I use mkfs.jffs:
>/* $Id: mkfs.jffs.c,v 1.14 2000/07/18 17:46:27 finn Exp $  */
>I want root to own every file in my jffs image, so I did
>change the following lines in mkfs.jffs.c
>From: (Line 394-395)
>f.inode.uid =
>f.inode.gid = st.st_gid;
>f.inode.uid = 0;
>f.inode.gid = 0;
>I'm happy with that, but maybe in the future it would maybe be
>a good idea to support meta files like genromfs does.
>I.e. to have a "jffs_meta.txt" where you can set the owners and
>such things.
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