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Re: JFFS compression and hard links.

bjorn.wesen@xxxxxxx.com said:
> I don't know how useful such a thing would be though. It is probably
> the same thing as implementing GC-based late compression of nodes in
> files with the 'dont compress' bit unset (or 'compress' bit set :) so
> if the latter is easy, I guess that's how we should do it. 

I don't know about 'easy', but the latter is what I'm being asked to 
implement, and I think it's cleaner than having a userspace program delve 
into the JFFS internals, so that's how I'd like to do it.

> I still don't believe doing the compression at the first write is
> good. It's better to do it during the GC run later, because then you
> have all the options to handle the nodes in any way you want,

OK, that does make sense.

> AND importantly, we know the initial write cannot screw up the GC later
> (we don't need that formal proof of the compressability :) 

After the GC's touched it the first time, surely it _can_ screw up next 
time round.... ah, no, because the GC already combined it with the nodes 
which it overlaps. This could well be a very useful way of doing things.


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