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JFFS update in 2.4.0-ac5

There's a JFFS update in 2.4.0-ac5 which should properly fix the open() 
unlink() read() oopsen, and also updates JFFS to use generic_file_write 
(writes through the page cache) so it gets the LFS checks right.

I wasn't able to make it fall over, obviously, or I'd not have submitted 
it. If you can, please let me know about it.

There's now a branch 'linux-2_4-branch' of the MTD CVS for keeping track of 
the code in the 2.4 kernels. It doesn't yet contain the new LFS code, which 
means there are about two lines of difference between it and 2.4.0-ac5. As 
soon as Linus takes the LFS stuff, I'll commit those changes to my CVS tree 


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