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Re: Expected behavior of JFFS?

mark.langsdorf@xxxxxxx.com said:
> 	and maybe some others, I'm not exactly sure where the cycle  starts.
> I do know that it does not seem to end, even after leaving the machine
> running over a 4 day weekend.  In the process, the free space
> remaining on the flash drive dropped 54 Kbytes, even though I  wasn't
> doing anything and none of the daemons should have been  writing to
> the flash drive.

Update to v1.87 of intrep.c and change the #if 1 at line 3012 to #if 0.
I think it's doing GC in an endless loop because it thinks it's using too 
much memory for fs nodes, but its condition can never be met.

Martin? Can you comment on the choice of threshold?


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