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proper way to mount and use jffs?


A few quick questions:

What is the correct procedure for mounting and using a jffs? 

Does the device need to be formatted (using mkfs.jffs) prior to using

When is the filesystem synced to disk?

I ask these questions because I have made progress in using the drivers,
but the systems is not working correctly. And I want to make sure I'm
not missing something before jumping into debug.

I can mount the fs using the following

mount -t jffs /dev/mtdblock0 /mnt/jffs

and everything seems to work fine. 

After mounting I have run mkfs.jffs -d /mnt/jffs, but I'm not sure if it
is successful. It seems that this step is not required from my

I can then copy files to the new disk and everything seems to work. But
if I unmount and reboot the data is lost. Sometimes after
unmounting/rebooting I receive errors (flash_write_safe and erase) when
remounting, but not always. The CFI driver appears to recognized the
devices (AMD 29LV160 (2x16bit)) without error. 

Any help is much appreciated. Kyle.

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