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RE: JFFS usage question.

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Karaaslan, Utku wrote:

> I guess that is the problem here. I have tried the mtd with other programs
> and I can say that it works. I have also checked it with the bootloader and
> whatever I send to the mtd is there (including the jffs image) 

Strange. But the symptoms you're seeing are definitely consistent with 
writes just not 'taking'. Can you hack flash_safe_write() to attempt to 
read back the data after each write and compare?

> By the way, the JFFS implementation I am using is 2.4.1-pre7 which I
> got from the bitkeeper repository. 

That's close enough for now. You actually want the one from the 2.4.0-ac
tree or from the linux-2_4-branch of CVS before too long. You can oops the
stock 2.4.0 by opening a file, unlinking it and continuing to access the
previously opened filedescriptor. I didn't bother sending it directly to
Linus because of what he said about 2.4.1 being a showstoppers-only
release. That was before reiserfs :)

> I also tried sync'ing but it looks like the filesystem is not going to
> change.

Yep. All write operations are performed synchronously at the moment. All
explicit sync operations in JFFS are a no-op.


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