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RE: Inodes vs. rows

On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Hayden, Christopher wrote:
> Yes and no.  Yes, you have a penalty until garbage collection time.
> If the file contains multiple records, garbage collection will merge them
> all together to a small number of 'raw_inodes', based on the chunk size.  

But if you only write one single file and it's 30 bytes long, the only
space you'll waste is the header size for the node plus possible

There is no concept of "inodes" on JFFS in the same sense as there is in
ext2 or other block-based filesystems.


> Is there an efficiency penalty if a file's fixed record size is smaller
> than an Inode?  IE: if the records are 30 bytes and inodes
> are 60 bytes, is there wasted space?

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