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Does JFFS respect partitions?


First, let me say thank you for JFFS!

I am trying to get JFFS to run on one of 2 partitions on a DOC2000.
I ran fdisk on /dev/nftl/disc0/disc (in devfs-parlance; equivalant to
/dev/nftla I think; it's major 93 minor 0).  Using fdisk I was able to
create 2 partitions, /dev/nftl/disc/part[34], and successfully created
an ext2 partition in part3.  Now, I want to use JFFS on part4.  But,
it seems that JFFS only wants to talk to the raw block device
(/dev/mtdblock/0), not the partitioned block device.

I need to do this because I need one bootable readonly partition (ext2
works fine, I'll probably use cramfs eventually if the bootloader
supports it).  The 2nd partition needs to be writable, and therefore
wear-levelled, so I want to use JFFS.  But JFFS doesn't want to play
along :-).

The design of the system demands 2 partitions: one of which is
guaranteed to never be corrupted (the readonly partition), and a
writable but disposable partition, so unfortunately using JFFS for the
entire block device is not an option.  (in any case, I don't think you
can boot from a JFFS partition yet.)

Will there be any ill effects if I just remove the check in JFFS for

Also, what's jffs2?  Is it safe to use that, and how is it different?

Thanks in advance,
Jeremy Elson

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