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Re: JFFS2 Request For Testing.

dwmw2@xxxxxxx.org said:
>  There's free beer for the first person who tells me why I need the
> invalidate_inode_pages() in jffs2_file_release() when no other
> filesystem  seems to need it, or why it sometimes gets stuck on
> unmount, in  __wait_on_page() called from invalidate_inodes(). I
> suspect they're  related, and it's a stupid bug on my part.

> There's also a free beer for whoever provides mkfs.jffs2. 

One of those appears fixed - remembering to use readpage_unlock instead of 
readpage_nolock in the GC code means that the pages don't end up staying 
locked for ever.

There's still beer available for people who can convince me that
jffs2_file_release() isn't just an evil hack to work around another problem,
or who can fix said other problem, and especially for anyone who provides 


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