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Returning true available space on jffs f/s

How difficult would it be to include the flash blocks marked as
"deleted" but not yet garbage collected when returning the
amount of free space on the jffs f/s in statfs()?

The "df" command is really interesting to watch when one is writing to a
jffs file system where there are older deleted files.
The "% free" jumps all over the place, you can actually do a "df", write
some data to the jffs partition, do "df" again and see
the amount of free space actually *increase*!

But more important than interesting, is the practical fact, that
embedded systems, have to garbage collect older logs etc, that
are only deleted when space for the new logs is getting thin. The only
way I know of getting that info is through statfs. If statfs
does not return a correct number, it is likely to throw off the log gc



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