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Re: JFFS size problem

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Vipin Malik wrote:

> Why should you care about this? Because, the JFFS
> code needs to keep a minimum number of sectors free to continue to
> garbage collect. At this time, that minimum number is 2 sectors.

> (Actually I lied a bit in above, as I found out looking at the code, see
> below)

Er, yeah - sorry, this was actually correct when you wrote it but I 
changed it...

>       + another 2 sectors because people keep getting GC stuck and
>               we don't know why. This scares me - I want formal proof
>               of correctness of whatever number we put here. dwmw2.
>    */
>    fmc->min_free_size = fmc->sector_size << 2;

JFFS2 uses 5 blocks at the moment. Working out how low we can adjust 
that is on the TODO list, but I wanted to be safe for now.


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