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Re: jffs2 testing and oops!

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Vipin Malik wrote:

> Just for fun (and the fact that I am completely frustrated with jffs1
> wrt pwr fail testing) I mounted jffs2 and started my "checkfs" program
> that just writes out 100 files with random data+CRC in a round robin
> fashion (no power fail yet).

Sorry you're frustrated. We ought to be able to improve the behaviour of 
jffs1. I'm very grateful for the JFFS2 testing though.

> Things were ok till the program was writing the files out. Then garbage
> collection started and went on for a few minutes,
> then the system oops'd out on me.


> I have the debug level 1 log and the OOPS output. Do you think that will
> help?

Very much - thanks. Could you feed the oops through ksymoops or provide 
the System.map, please? Preferably the exact line of source at which the 
oops occurred.

> At this stage, what is the feedback that you are looking for in jffs2
> testing? (level 1,2 or 3 logs, flash images etc. ?)

Level 1, including the KERN_DEBUG loglevel as you have, should be fine. 
Stuff is relegated to level 2 when I think it's unnecessary. Level 3 and 
above are the same as level 2.

> ********Portion of the log that caused Oops

Can't see anything suspicious in there, until the oops of course :)


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