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RE: jffs2 testing and oops!

Does it matter if jffs2 is loaded as a module or compiled into the

>Heh. If you have the contents of /proc/ksyms from the offending kernel 
>that might suffice.

Since the sytem hangs after the Oops, I guess that I can only 
get it the next time I reboot, or grab it before I try to make
the oops happen. Which one is better?

>That would be better. Especially if you compile the kernel (or at least 
>the JFFS2 code) with -g.

>Add this to the beginning of fs/jffs2/Makefile:


Ok, will do. Thanks.

Does ksymoops id the line of src code or just the assembly
instructions executing at the time? How do you know which line
of src caused it?


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