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RE: jffs2 testing and oops!

On Sat, 3 Mar 2001, Vipin Malik wrote:

> Does it matter if jffs2 is loaded as a module or compiled into the
> kernel?

Not really, modulo the comment below..

> Since the sytem hangs after the Oops, I guess that I can only 
> get it the next time I reboot, or grab it before I try to make
> the oops happen. Which one is better?

Doesn't matter. If jffs2 is a module, you can reboot, load the same
modules in the same order to make sure they're loaded at the same
addresses, then pass the log through ksymoops.

> Ok, will do. Thanks.
> Does ksymoops id the line of src code or just the assembly
> instructions executing at the time? How do you know which line
> of src caused it?

Just the assembly. Then you use gdb on the object file to find exactly 
which line of source it was at. It's the last bit you need -g for.

Was JFFS2 a module in the oops you posted? It didn't look like the oops 
was in a module. Do you still have the kernel binary you were using at the 
time, so we can work out where it happened?


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