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RE: Kernel in JFFS. Possible?

>>  Do you think it would be possible to have the linux kernel as a file
>> in a JFFS partition and load it with a "lilo"-look-alike loader? Is
>> JFFS partitions defragmented?  

>There are patches to the iPAQ bootloader to add support for loading
>kernels out of a JFFS1 filesystem. Someone's working on adding JFFS2

>We're also going to be adding JFFS support to RedBoot quite shortly, I 

What about the fact that if you are also writing to that particular
jffs1/2 partition the gc may move the inodes around.

Making a "raw" start add/end add map for the loader (as lilo does
for regular sector devices like hard drivers) will not work
as this will get moved around. The only work around would be to 
actually add *real* jffs1/2 fs level read support in the bootloader?


How generic is the iPaq bootloader, can I use it on x86 pc style systems?



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