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Re: Kernel in JFFS. Possible?

Vipin.Malik@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  What about the fact that if you are also writing to that particular
> jffs1/2 partition the gc may move the inodes around.

> Making a "raw" start add/end add map for the loader (as lilo does for
> regular sector devices like hard drivers) will not work as this will
> get moved around. The only work around would be to  actually add
> *real* jffs1/2 fs level read support in the bootloader?

> Correct?

Definitely - you don't want to do the horrible map thing that LILO does. 
Even on a PC I use Grub instead of LILO.

> How generic is the iPaq bootloader, can I use it on x86 pc style
> systems? 

Not very, AFAIK. RedBoot is more so, although the x86 port of eCos, on which
RedBoot is based, has suffered a little bitrot since it was last looked at.


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