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RE: Kernel in JFFS. Possible?

On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Vipin Malik wrote:

> >>  Do you think it would be possible to have the linux kernel as a file
> >> in a JFFS partition and load it with a "lilo"-look-alike loader? Is
> >> JFFS partitions defragmented?
> >There are patches to the iPAQ bootloader to add support for loading
> >kernels out of a JFFS1 filesystem. Someone's working on adding JFFS2
> support.
> >We're also going to be adding JFFS support to RedBoot quite shortly, I
> >believe.
> What about the fact that if you are also writing to that particular
> jffs1/2 partition the gc may move the inodes around.
> Making a "raw" start add/end add map for the loader (as lilo does
> for regular sector devices like hard drivers) will not work
> as this will get moved around. The only work around would be to
> actually add *real* jffs1/2 fs level read support in the bootloader?

That's what the above mentionned patch does.  It replays the JFFS log to
recreate the kernel file in memory.  The patch even has ls-like support and
allows you to boot any arbitrary kernel file on the JFFS filesystem.


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