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Re: JFFS on a powerpc platform.


>I got the latest code and one of the problem is fixed now.
>i.e. if I copy a file to jffs partition I can read back the content.
>However if I mount partiton, copy a file to it, then unmount it and again
>mount it, I don't see the file I copied.

Yes this was actually a problem with the endianess problem you described
before. (jffs did not find its header infos anymore, since they where
byteswapped). Please try to eraseall the partition before you mount it. You
can find this tool under /utils of the mtd cvs tree.

eraseall /dev/mtd/0
mount -t jffs /dev/mtdblock/0 /mnt
cp foo /mnt/bar
umount /mnt
mount /dev/mtdblock/0 /mnt
ls /mnt

Gives me correct infos. So it works here!

   Florian Schirmer

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