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jffs2 file write problem

Hi David,

Managed to get the following error while testing jffs2 (this is
NOT power down testing- just writing the same 100 files over and over

Waiting for chip to read, status = 4
Erase at 0x006c0000 finished, but state != MTD_ERASE_DONE. State is 0x0
Argh. No free space left for GC. nr_erasing_blocks is 0. nr_free_blocks
is 0. (erasingempty: yes, erasependingempty: yes)

This was after the f/s got "stuck" printing a whole bunch of "dirents"
as such:
<these messges came *before* the above one>
Dirent "mtdblock14" (hash 0x24a95e86, ino #818
Dirent "mtdblock15" (hash 0x24a95e87, ino #819
Dirent "ss_ttyS7" (hash 0x46833c00, ino #239
Dirent "ss_ttyS6" (hash 0x46833c01, ino #238
Dirent "ss_ttyS5" (hash 0x46833c02, ino #237
Dirent "ss_ttyS4" (hash 0x46833c03, ino #236
Dirent "ss_ttyS3" (hash 0x46833c04, ino #235
Dirent "ss_ttyS2" (hash 0x46833c05, ino #234
Dirent "fd0D360" (hash 0x60747050, ino #93
Dirent "fd0D720" (hash 0x60747410, ino #95
Dirent "fd0H360" (hash 0x6074b050, ino #98
Dirent "fd0H720" (hash 0x6074b410, ino #100
Dirent "fd0d360" (hash 0x60767050, ino #94
Dirent "fd0h360" (hash 0x6076b050, ino #99
Dirent "fd0h720" (hash 0x6076b410, ino #101
Dirent "console" (hash 0x659959a5, ino #87
Dirent "socksys" (hash 0x7595c4e3, ino #185
Dirent "patmgr0" (hash 0x7662b010, ino #182
Dirent "printer" (hash 0x774f9222, ino #80
Dirent "inportbm" (hash 0xf968524b, ino #168

So I turned off the KERN_DEBUG stuff. It sat there for a another minute
not printing anything, then it printed the message I printed above
I then turned on KERN_DEBUG again and managed to unmount the f/s. I have
the entire log from the session as well as the flash image. It's ~6Megs
if you want it :)


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