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Re: mixing jffs and mtd char

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Brett Carswell wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have an embedded system with four 8 bit wide flash devices in parallel on
> a 32 bit bus. I would like to create 3 partitions. Two partitions will be
> accessed as char devices and used to store data for which we have an
> existing algorithm to do the logic to erase a sector when required/copy the
> new data across etc. The data in these sectors is critical. I would like to
> set up a JFFS on the third partition and use it to store non-critical data.
> My question is whether I need to worry about the details of trying to access
> the flash on one partition while writing/erasing is occuring on the other.
> I've looked in the MTD code and it looks as though this is all handled in
> the MTD layer for devices that support erase/write suspend (which our flash
> does). Can someone confirm this for me.

It does, at least for Intel CFI flash.  Maybe others as well, but I never
looked deeply at the code.


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