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MTD,JFFS on JEDEC devices with uClinux-

Have successfully ported uClinux-2.0.38 to a propritary m68360 platform
that uses JEDEC 
AMD29F040 flash and successfully backported MTD and JFFS also.  Can
erase the flash
chips and cp the kernel to the chips via mtd0 and reboot with no
problems.  My loader
moves the kernel from the flash to sram, so I am not executing out of
flash.  Can erase
the flash chips and mount jffs on the chips, create directories, copy
executables to 
the jffs filesystem and execute the jffs copy (renamed in the copy).

Now, this is where I need help.  I have 2 Mbytes flash and would like to
partition it 
with 512K used by MTD for the kernel and the loader, and the rest of the
flash memory
as JFFS filesystem and cannot figure out how to do it.  If anyone has
any ideas, please
forward them to me as I will be trying to determine how to accomplish
this for the next
few days.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Stephen Brasher				Cirilium Corp. 
sbrasher@xxxxxxx.com			Tempe, AZ
Sr Development Engineer

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