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Re: MTD,JFFS on JEDEC devices with uClinux-

David Woodhouse wrote:
> sbrasher@xxxxxxx.com said:
> > Have successfully ported uClinux-2.0.38 to a propritary m68360
> > platform that uses JEDEC  AMD29F040 flash and successfully backported
> > MTD and JFFS also.
> How tidy is it? Would it be feasible to merge the necessary changes into
> the original?
Tried to keep the changes to mtd, jffs and physmem ifdef'ed version
or ifdef'ed for my CONFIG_CIRILIUM type and think I was reasonably 
successful.  For jffs, I wrote an inode-v20.c.  When I am sure that
everything works correctly, I will tar.gz my mtd tree and send it to 

Garbage_collect appears to run when the filesystem is mounted or when
run out of space in the file system.  I have not done any testing on 
garbage_collect and after it is tested, I will send you the tree.

> sbrasher@xxxxxxx.com said:
> > Now, this is where I need help.  I have 2 Mbytes flash and would like
> > to partition it  with 512K used by MTD for the kernel and the loader,
> > and the rest of the flash memory as JFFS filesystem and cannot figure
> > out how to do it.
> Instead of add_mtd_device(mymtd) you want...
> static struct mtd_partition pnc_partitions[3] = {
>         {
>                 name: "loader/kernel",
>                 size: 0x80000,
>                 offset: 0
>         },
>         {
>                 name: "JFFS2",
>                 size: 0x180000,
>                 offset: 0x80000
>         }
> };
>         ...
>         add_mtd_partitions(mymtd, my_partitions, 2);
I had alot of trouble in this area.  In order to get the jedec
devices registered, I modified physmem.c to call jedec_init for
my configuration.  I don't know if this is correct, but I get 
jedec registered via the add_mtd_device(mymtd).  

I added the above when I create the mtd devicea and it works 
great. Thank you ever so much.  

Next, I need to mount jffs as my root filesystem.  Will be looking
in setup.c to figure this out.  Any hints?

Thanks again,

Stephen Brasher					Cirilium Corp. 
sbrasher@xxxxxxx.com			Tempe, AZ
Sr Development Engineer

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