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JFFS min_free_size

Have got MTD, JFFS running on uClinux for m68360 using
JEDEC AM29f040
flash parts.  The 2 MBytes of flash has 2 partitions, 1 512 Kbytes and 1
1.5 Mbytes.
JFFS set the min_free_size to fmc->sector_size << 2, which on the
AM29f040 parts 
turns out to be 256K * 4, or 1 Mbyte.  With only 1.5 Mbytes in the
partition, it's a
bit large.  Have reduced it to 64K and things seem to be working

My question is, what is a reasonable fmc->min_free_size?

Thanks in advance,

Stephen Brasher				Cirilium Corp. 
sbrasher@xxxxxxx.com			Tempe, AZ
Sr Development Engineer

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