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Are there instructions about using jffs on DOC?

   I have read "mtd-jffs-howto". It said "JFFS ought to work too" on DOC
(though that has NOT been throutly tested yet). But I see no instrution
 about how to use JFFS on DOC. 
 I have a root filesystem in the directory "rortfs", all the modules
needed have been loaded,and DOC havs been founded at the address OxD8000.
I wonder whether it will work if I do the next steps as followed:
    #nftl_format /dev/mtd0
    #fdisk /dev/nftla ( To create a Linux partition /dev/nftla1)
    #mkfs.jffs -d rootfs -o root-jffs.img
    #dd if=root-jffs.img of=/dev/nftla1 bs=1k
    #mount -t jffs /dev/nftla1 /mnt/jffs 
Or, I should do such work directly as followed :
    #mkfs.jffs -d rootfs -o root-jffs.img
    #cp root-jffs.img /dev/mtd0
    #mount -t jffs /dev/mtdblock /mnt/jffs
    I don' know which way is right?  Or both are wrong? I will have a try.
But I really wish that there are some instructions about how to use JFFS
on  DOC.
    BTW, I wonder whether the mtd maillist has something wrong recently.I 
have received no letter since 16th,March.  I  have tried to send mails to
it and failed, too.
Liangchen Zheng