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Re: $subject

alan@xxxxxxx.uk said:
>  If its a problem then lose 8 bytes from the start of each erase area
> to write a 'Yes I finished erasing this' signature ? 

I got distracted, but this hit the CVS tree yesterday, and it hasn't made my 
Assabet fall over yet, so it's now in the handhelds.org tree too. 

It means that when you first mount an empty flash device, JFFS2 will whinge 
a bit and erase the whole thing. Is this going to be a problem? Although I 
haven't actually done proper async erases in the flash driver code yet, 
they are done from kupdated so you don't have to wait for them to complete. 

I recently fixed the code which interrupts erases for Intel chips, and I
have a suspicion that Vipin's going to implement same for AMD chips - so 
mounting and reading shouldn't have to wait for those erases at all.


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