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Re: $subject

> One other possibility I've been considering is putting the offending blocks
> on the bad_list and having an interface for userspace to tell JFFS2 to
> attempt to erase and reclaim blocks from the bad_list. And devices in the
> field could do this automatically at boot time, for blocks which are merely
> unclean rather than which actually contain BADBLOCK markers.
> Oh yeah - I didn't implement BADBLOCK markers yet. Minor detail :)

So what happens when there are "genuine" bad (worn out) blocks. Recycling them

back into service may also cause problems?

What about the following:

There was some talk about fixing mount itself to allow mounting over non block
What if we create a new option that is passed to the fs, that *forces* the
auto erase
behavior one way or the other. Or setting a variable through the proc f/s to
enable this
auto erase on.

This way, normal mounts fail, and embedded system mounts, as they would be
by this special auto-erase flag would work ok too.

I just don't like the idea of a separate functionality "hanging" out there,
operation in user space controls the fundamental operation of the f/s.



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