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Re: $subject

David Woodhouse wrote:

> alan@xxxxxxx.uk said:
> >  If its a problem then lose 8 bytes from the start of each erase area
> > to write a 'Yes I finished erasing this' signature ?
> I got distracted, but this hit the CVS tree yesterday, and it hasn't made my
> Assabet fall over yet, so it's now in the handhelds.org tree too.

Sorry, I didn't think about this earlier. Will the "i'm done erasing" signature
really work?
What happens when an existing sector (that already has this signature from the
last erase)
start's to be erased but never finishes. However, it's "i'm done erasing"
signature remains

I guess that I'm going to answer my own question here. This will work, as long
as we
clear the "i'm done erasing" signature from the last time around right before
start to erase the
sector again. This way, if power fails and the erase never completes, at least
it will be
re-erased the next mount time.

> I recently fixed the code which interrupts erases for Intel chips, and I
> have a suspicion that Vipin's going to implement same for AMD chips

You mean you got this from the innocent fact that I have asked about this
for AMD CFI chips about 8 times now? Boy, you sure jump to conclusions ;)


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