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Re: $subject

vmalik@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  Murphy once said..... ;) But I agree.

Heh. We'll see. I also said that 4 subsequent reads of the 'flipping bits' 
sectors were extremely unlikely to all return 0xff in real life, didn't I?

We could feasibly mark the cleanmarker node as obsolete when we write the
first 'real' node to the sector - for NOR flash at least. But I'm buggered
if I'm going to start on that at this time on a Friday afternoon when it's
not critical. $TODO++ :)

Actually, for NAND flash we can probably do it as well. I'm going to put the
cleanmarker node in the OOB data area of the flash. But I'll probably mark 
it obsolete just before doing the erase...

... now look what you've done. You've got me trying to work out how to do 
it. Grrr.


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