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JFFS Question

I am having a problem with jffs-dump and I am not quite sure 
where the problem lies.  Let me first explain about how jffs
is setup.

I am using uClinux on an m68360 priority platform.
I have set up mtd in the kernel to have 2 partitions, one raw
for the kernel and one for the jffs.  I use mkfs.jffs to create
the jffs partition and objcopy that partition to the .fs section 
of the linux kernel.  Create srecord from the kernel and blow
flash.  Install flash on the priority platform and start.

Kernel load, finds the jffs and mounts it as root.  No problems
so far and everything works well.

When I use jffs-dump to dump the partition information from 
the flash jffs, the fstat at the start of jffs-dump returns 
a st.size of 0x2.  Is this correct or is there a problem in
mkfs.jffs when it creates the partition?  Or, it could be a 
problem in jffs when it re-creates the partion at mount.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Stephen Brasher					Cirilium Corp. 
sbrasher@xxxxxxx.com			Tempe, AZ
Sr Development Engineer

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