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JFFS2:0.5 powerfailtesting-checkfs:4.5?

HeHe, sorry about the half points, but the last round was declared even
based on points. No KO.

After 2690 odd cycles, I found the system "stuck" in the middle of
running the rc file (coming back up after a async power cycle).
It had successfully mounted  the root fs (which is the JFFS2 fs).

The console would respond to CR's, but nothing else was operational
(well, the rc file had not yet reached the network part, so
I could not ping etc.).

The last message that it printed on the console was:

"Mounting file systems", which was from this portion of the rc file:

<<<portion of rc file

echo "Mounting file systems"
# Remount the root filesystem in read-write mode
mount -n -o rw,remount /

end portion of rc file<<<<

Well, I just rebooted the system manually and it came back ok next time.
Testing is now continuing....

hmm... was it the root fs that was stuck or the hardware. I would think
that it was NOT the hardware, as protected
mode systems don't usually die without any sigv's etc. Additionally the
console was responding to CR's, which would
not have been the case if the hardware was dead.

Any thoughts people?



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