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Re: JFFS2:0.5 powerfailtesting-checkfs:4.5?

vmalik@xxxxxxx.com said:
> The last message that it printed on the console was:
> "Mounting file systems"

I didn't implement jffs2_remount_fs yet. 'mount -orw,remount' should be a NOP.

What does your system do next in the startup sequence? Anything that writes
to the filesystem? How long did you leave it? Could it just have been
garbage-collecting? Did you try SysRq-T and/or SysRq-P to see what it was 
doing at the time?

Another possibility would be compiling with CONFIG_JFFS2_FS_DEBUG=1 and not 
enabling KERN_DEBUG messages unless you actually want to see them, when you 
hit SysRq-8

Incidentally, I'm not sure of the fairness of the scoring system. What does 
JFFS2 have to do to get a whole point?


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