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Re: JFFS2:0.5 powerfailtesting-checkfs:4.5?

vmalik@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  About 2 days. It was most likely stuck in garbage collecting- but I
> have not way to prove that of course.

Hmmm. How full was the filesystem? We shouldn't be seeing infinite GC, 
under any circumstances.

> > Did you try SysRq-T and/or SysRq-P to see what it was doing at the time?
> What is this? and how do I do it?

If you have a keyboard, then as I believe you're testing on PC hardware the 
SysRq sequence is Alt-PrtSc. Press the 'T' key at the same time to make it 
list all tasks, and the 'P' key to print the current EIP. Other available 
functions are listed in Documentation/sysrq.txt, including the ones to 
change console loglevel.

>  How do I hit SysRq-8? when my console login has not yet been enabled?
> Through the serial console keyboard? 

The keyboard, if present, should still work for SysRq even before any getty 
is started. Or a BREAK on the serial console followed immediately by the 
command character ('T','P' or '8', or whatever else you desire) should also 

>  :), run over a weekend! Not asking that much am I? 

Heh. I suppose not :)


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