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RE: JFFS2 stuck again.

>On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Vipin Malik wrote:

>> Ok, this is what I got (runnig the stuff through ksymoops):

>jffs2_gcd_mtd1  D C11442C4     0     8      1        (L-TLB)       9
>Call Trace: [<c0107a0d>] [<c0107b74>] [<c01fffbb>] [<c01774ad>]
><c014190c>] [<e0011985>] [<e88b1196>]
>      [<c0176f22>] [<c0179085>] [<edcba987>] [<edcba987>] [<edcba987>]
><edcba987>] [<c0109005>] [<c0178eb0>]
>      [<c010748a>] [<c0107493>]

>>Trace; c0107a0d <__down+5d/b0>
>>Trace; c0107b74 <__down_failed+8/c>
>>Trace; c01fffbb <stext_lock+dab/13c8>
>>Trace; c01774ad <jffs2_garbage_collect_dirent+13d/1d0>
>>Trace; c014190c <iget4+4c/e0>
>>Trace; e0011985 <END_OF_CODE+1fd73791/????>
>>Trace; e88b1196 <END_OF_CODE+28612fa2/????>
>>Trace; c0176f22 <jffs2_garbage_collect_pass+332/420>
>>Trace; c0179085 <jffs2_garbage_collect_thread+1d5/1e0>
>>Trace; edcba987 <END_OF_CODE+2da1c793/????>
>>Trace; edcba987 <END_OF_CODE+2da1c793/????>
>>Trace; edcba987 <END_OF_CODE+2da1c793/????>
>>Trace; edcba987 <END_OF_CODE+2da1c793/????>
>>Trace; c0109005 <reschedule+5/10>
>>Trace; c0178eb0 <jffs2_garbage_collect_thread+0/1e0>
>>Trace; c010748a <kernel_thread+1a/30>
>>Trace; c0107493 <kernel_thread+23/30>

>ldconfig  D C3F666D4     0    18     10        (NOTLB)
>Call Trace: [<c0107a0d>] [<c0107b74>] [<c01ffdd1>] [<c0139040>]
>[<c01391bc>] [<c012d970>] [<d851f8bb>]
>       [<c012dc88>] [<c0108f13>]

>> Trace; c0107a0d <__down+5d/b0>
>> Trace; c0107b74 <__down_failed+8/c>
>> Trace; c01ffdd1 <stext_lock+bc1/13c8>
>> Trace; c0139040 <vfs_create+90/c0>
>> Trace; c01391bc <open_namei+14c/5b0>
>> Trace; c012d970 <filp_open+30/50>
>> Trace; d851f8bb <END_OF_CODE+182816c7/????>
>> Trace; c012dc88 <sys_open+38/c0>
>> Trace; c0108f13 <system_call+33/40>

>OK,... looks like both of them are waiting for a locked semaphore. Which
>has to be the alloc_sem. One is calling jffs2_reserve_space_gc() from
>jffs2_garbage_collect_dirent(), and the other is calling
>jffs2_reserve_space() from jffs2_create().

>The jffs2_reserve_space* functions don't show up on the call trace
>of the way the down() call works, I believe. Not sure why jffs2_create()

>hasn't shown up though.

>If they're both waiting on the alloc_sem, then it looks like it's been 
>obtained somewhere and not released. That would probably have to be in
>error path or it would happen far more often - but error paths would 
>normally whinge about whatever went wrong. 

>Could you confirm the exact locations in the code of offset c01774ad 
><jffs2_garbage_collect_dirent+13d/1d0>, please? Add 'EXTRA_CFLAGS := -g'

>to the fs/jffs2 Makefile if it's not already there, rebuild exactly the 
>same kernel, then 'gdb vmlinux' and 'list *0xc01774ad'.

Ok, this is what I got:

(gdb) list *0xc01774ad
0xc01774ad is in jffs2_garbage_collect_dirent (gc.c:360).
355             rd.mctime = max(inode->i_mtime, inode->i_ctime);
356             rd.type = fd->type;
357             rd.node_crc = crc32(0, &rd, sizeof(rd)-8);
358             rd.name_crc = crc32(0, fd->name, rd.nsize);
360             ret = jffs2_reserve_space_gc(c, sizeof(rd)+rd.nsize,
&phys_ofs, &alloclen);
361             if (ret) {
362                     printk(KERN_WARNING "jffs2_reserve_space_gc of %d
bytes for garbage_collect_dirent failed: %d\n",
363                            sizeof(rd)+rd.nsize, ret);
364                     return ret;

Looks like you were right!

One quick question though: How did you know that the call from
ldconfig was for the same semaphore? There is no mention of
any such call there? Did the "vfs_create(), open_namei() and filep_open()"
clue you in as that (probably) has to go to the JFFS2 as those would work on
the root fs (which is JFFS2)? TIA. 

>Assuming this confirms that it's the call to jffs2_reserve_space_gc() at
>line 360 of gc.c, then someone who isn't on vacation needs to go through
>the code looking for all instances of jffs2_reserve_space{_gc,} and
>ensuring that jffs2_complete_reservation() is correctly called in all
>circumstances where the reserve_space function succeeded.

I can *attempt* to do that, but please, let that attempt not stop anyone
else from doing it too. Two independent efforts are likely to catch what my
novice attempts may miss.


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