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Re: JFFS2 stuck again.

David Woodhouse wrote:

> OK, the lock ordering rules are as follows:
> 1. If you need more than one jffs2_inode_info semaphore, you must
>         obtain the parent's lock before the child. jffs2_new_inode()
>         returns it already locked now, to prevent that case from
>         being confusing (it was actually OK to lock that one because
>         nobody else could have seen it anyway.)
> 2. You must never obtain a jffs2_inode_info semaphore while holding the
>         alloc_sem. This is the one which was killing us.
> I think the version of dir.c which I just committed follows those rules.
> Please let me know if it works, and I'll commit it to the handhelds.org
> tree too.

Well, as I know no way to reproduce the problem at will, I can only let it
for a bit (my standard is a weekend (or 48hrs)), and see if there is a

I'll restart testing with the updated code (dir.c).



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