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Mount JFFS file system lock


I am trying to build a JFFS on Intel Flash. After erase the flash, copy the
image to it, it can be mounted, everyting looks fine in the flash. But once
reboot the system, the JFFS can not be mounted again. The messages are:

JFFS: Trying to mount device 1f:00.
  fmc->flash_size = 8388608 bytes
jffs_scan_flash():staer pos = 0x0, end = 0x800000
check_partly_erased_sector():checking sector which contains offset 0x0 for
flipping bits...
flash_safe_read(c114c0b0, 00000000, c27a40000, 00001000)

Then the system locked.

I debugged it, and found the program stoped at
in cfi_cmdset_0001.c function cfi_intelext_read

The value of chip->mutex is {lock=3254648832}before lock.

Does someone know what is wrong?

Thank you very much


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