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Re: Elan SC520 - problem with MTD

On Die, 24 Apr 2001 you wrote:
> Wow! Where (and why ;) were your hiding this gem for so long?!!!

It's been there all the time ....

> This is the answer to a lot of maiden's prayers! Robert, are you the "rob" in the
> CVS Id in the files?

Yep :-)

If there is enough public interest in this, maybe I can setup a home
page/public CVS for it some day. If only I had more time :-(

> P.S. I saw a couple of mails ago that some folks mentioned that I have
> successfully booted the linux kernel directly out of flash and installed
> the JFFS(2) as the root
> fs (and a ext2 fs as a compressed fs in ramdisk). That is all true.
> I have supplied, on request, the files to boot the kernel out of flash.  The
> original source of the hacked kernel boot code to do this was AMD (and it's
> open source of course).
> Please let me know if you want those.

Yes, please !

> HOWEVER! The solution is not a very
> elegant one.
> It involves making changes to some startup files (bootset.S and setup.S) in the
> Linux startup code itself.

I am currently writing code to support booting  the SC520 CDP from ROM
without BIOS using the above mentioned ROM bootloader (BTW, it's name is
"ROLO" :-)).

What I'm mostly interested in is the startup/initialization sequence for that
board. Once it has been properly initialized, the generic ROLO code should
work out of the box.

I have some code that does the basic SC520 initialization right after
reset and I am now trying to initialize the Super I/O chip (I have just
received the chip manual from Acerlabs). After that, I need to figure out a way
to setup the set up the PCI bridge... Another thing that is still missing in my
code is a proper RAM size detection. 

So any working code you might have along these lines -no matter how ugly-
would probably be helpful to me.


Robert Kaiser                         email: rkaiser@xxxxxxx.de
Am Pfaffenstein 14                    phone: (49) 6136 9948-762
D-55270 Klein-Winternheim / Germany   fax:   (49) 6136 9948-10

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