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jffs, uxlinux, intel flash

I have a custom DragonBallEZ-based board (uClinux) with a 2MB Intel
flash device (28F160C3-T). I would like to get Linux to recognize the
flash device, and then to get jffs on it. I am told this has been done
before. Unfortunately all the detailed information I've been able to 
find online relates to MTD and so doesn't apply to uClinux.

The (first) trouble is it looks (at first glance at least) like the 
standard flash driver doesn't support Intel flash at all. Is this 
true? I had been told otherwise, but not by any particular authority.

Secondly, since I have no non-volatile storage device other than the 
flash chip in question, I will need to have the jffs filesystem occupy 
only the upper part of the flash device, with the kernel occupying 
the lower part. It is not clear to me how to do this; first it is not 
clear how I copy my jffs filesystem image into only the upper half, 
and second it is not clear how to tell mount where to look for it.

Thanks in advance for helping set this new user straight. Any additional 
advice regarding getting jffs running under uClinux would be most 


Matthew D. Hancher
Embedded & Autonomous Systems
MIT Media Laboratory

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