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Re: JFFS2 Problem

Switching to the JFFS list because it's more appropriate there...

jsmith@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  I'm running jffs2 on a PPC/855T board. I mount the jffs2 and have two
> (2) test scripts that "dd" various sized files to the jffs2 flash. I
> seem to be running into a race condition or something.

> My 2 scripts just "dd" a bunch of files to the jffs2/flash, "ls -l "
> them, "rm *" them and then "ls -l" the dir/mnt point again in a loop.
> I'm running 2 of these and they always reach contention fairly
> quickly, ie. they lock up after 5 to 10 iterations. ps shows the
> processes sleeping. If I remove the "ls"portion of the scripts. That
> is I just "dd" and "rm" - everything "seems" ok.Anybody seen this?

OK, having established in private mail that you're using a recent version 
of the JFFS2 code, in which I thought all the locking issues were fixed, 
I'm now fairly interested in this.

What I need is a stack backtrace of the processes which are deadlocked - 
which you can get by cross-referencing the output of SysRq-T with the 
running kernel's System.map. If you can't manage that easily, it may be 
easiest if you help us reproduce the problem.

Please could you send us the exact scripts you're using to trigger this, 
and the manner in which you're invoking them? Vipin is the expert at 
breaking JFFS2, so I've Cc'd him.

What flash driver are you using?


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