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JFFS doubts

Hi all,
I am running JFFS in the assabet board.I have got 2 mtd partitions in
the file drivers/mtd/sa1100-flash.c. The kernel is loaded at address
0x80000 in flash( I am using bootldr with big kernel enabled).
I am using kernel 2.4.3-rmk2-np1.
Here is how my 2 partitions are defined

I have loaded the jffs image at mtdblock1 and specified
in the boot root=/dev/mtdblock1
jffs is loaded successfully. Now if I try to erase the 
original kernel and write the new one over using 
the command 
erase /dev/mtd0 4 
It erased the blocks there. Now I tried copying 
the kernel again to the same block 
by cp zImage /dev/mtd0.  Is this correct?
There were lot of messages on the screen after this 
so on finally closing with MTDCLOSE
But when I rebooted, the kernel 
did not load. Where is the problem exactly?
Please help.
Thanx in advance,

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