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JFFS2: powerfailtesting again

Hi David/all,

I'm developing StrongArm based device for computer telephony and using
JFFS2 for the root fs. My current concern is reliability of fs to the
power failures.  I have red previous threads in jffs-dev initiated by
Vipin Malik regarding fs stability under power fault . It's not clear
for me what the test was exactly,  and my experience is totally
different - system became unbootable after 1-3 power cycles under fs
activity. I have run 467 tests last weekend which resulted in 203
failures (reboots needed to restore disk are excluded).  I can send
complete log on request (4MB gziped) .

Can somebody tell me, if this is what expected, or show me some error or
tell what the future could be or suggest workaround ? Current situation
looks unacceptable to my tasks.

Thanks in advance. Any help would be very appreciated.


Hardware: SA1100 SBC similar to Intel Brutus eval board with 32Mb RAM
and 4Mb flash with,  Power switch (optron) controlled from my host
computer, null-modem from SBC to Host computer.

Software: linux-2.4.3-rmk2-np1 with provided jffs2 and with jffs2 from
cvs (05/24/2001) , firmware which allow download to flash, expect script
controlling whole process.

How it was tested:
    a. monitored for failure boot
    b. simulated fs activity (just copying big file)
    c. power cycle during copy

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