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Re: JFFS2: powerfailtesting again

David Woodhouse wrote:

> (Having seen the log)
> 2.4.3-rmk2-np1 had broken alignment fixups, which are what causes all
> dirent nodes to written to the flash to be corrupted.
> Apply this...
> --- orig/arch/arm/mm/fault-armv.c       Sat Apr 28 11:24:54 2001
> +++ linux/arch/arm/mm/fault-armv.c      Tue May  1 22:41:30 2001

Hi David,
It was long weekend for me, so some delay arised.
I 've applied this patch, and things became better, but not completely.
Unfortunatly i've lost weekend run, and sending you only this morning
results: 42 good runs plus 10 failures.
And there is a problem (could be related somehow) with kernel 2.4.4 i'm
expierensing , look at
for reference.

By the way do you know what the kernel message 'Chip not ready after erase
suspended' means ?