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Re: Major JFFS2 bug (?)

Ok, It's going up now (8MB).

To give you some more info on the mode of failure, I logged the
following error while checking for file integrity on power up.

Fri May 11 20:21:06 2001
Starting new check.
Unexpected end of file: file60
...bytes left to be read 448.
CRC error in file: file60             /* Hehe CRC was not really
checked, but would have been bad as not all data was read back ;) */

A little background:

Each file that I store on the fs (the the checkfs program stores), has
the following structure:

<int>    /* (= long), How many ints (longs) of random data follow. Not
counting the end short for CRC */
<random amount of ints from 10 to MAX>    /* MAX is specified on the cmd
line of the program and was specified to be such that max file size <
<(short) CRC>

During the check, the program was expecting to read in an additional 448
bytes of data as dictated by the first INT in the file. This data was
not there.
This was the file that was being written to when power failed (as shown
by the console log that I was recording that kept trace of all activity
of creating and
checking files on the system).

The file in question is called "/mnt/flash/file60"


David Woodhouse wrote:

> vipin.malik@xxxxxxx.com said:
> > I have the original f/s (image) that I reported on (in the mail you
> > copied below), with the 2710 byte file.
> > Do you want that or would you rather I reproduced the problem again
> > (fresh :)?
> The original should hopefully be sufficient.
> --
> dwmw2

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