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Strange problem with JFFS+bootldr

Hi all
I am using JFFS+bootldr on my assabet/neponset board. I am using a PCMCIA compact flash card for additional storage. My problem is as follows:
- When I first flash the jffs image, and boot the system I am able to mount the Compact flash card. But the next time when I reboot and try to mount it,
I get "wrong major or minor device number" error.
However, if i unmount before rebooting, this does not seem to happen. Is it necessary for me to unmount the device before powering off?
If I reflash the jffs image, it works fine again. Any idea what is going wrong?
I am using:
Linux kernel 2.4.2-rmk2-np2 (I know I need to upgrade. but we are using this version since the USB webcam seems to work with this version)
bootldr March 23 snapshot (patch by John Dorsey)
PCMCIA Compact flash card 320 MB.
Any suggestions are welcome.
PS: As per Vipin's suggestion on jffs mailing list, I am remounting root in the rc.sysint file "mount -n -o / remount, rw". Can this be doing something?