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Re: JFFS2: powerfailtesting again

Vipin Malik wrote:

> Did you really mean 3 *minutes*, NOT seconds?

Yes I do. Take a look into attached PS file in my previous message.

> What processor are you using?

StrongARM 1100 @133MHz ~ 124 Bogomips, 32Mb SDRAM , 4Mb16bit wide Intel boot
block flash - 28F320C3 , see

> There is something wrong for sure. On my 100MHz 486 with a 8MB flash
> partition
> with about 5MB of data on it (JFFS2), I don't have any blocks more than a few
> seconds
> at a time.

I have big incompressible file on fs , could this be a problem ?
I'm using Intel boot flash and it takes (currently) less than 0.5 sec to erase
sector on it, but it could be longer according to specification.

> I have a small program that runs as a real time POSIX task (in the kernel).
> In writing out a few 10's of bytes
> every 100ms, the worst case block I got on the wakeup time for the task was
> ~600ms. This was writing
> to the fs that was ~60% full.
> >From what I remember I had let the task run for hours. Maybe I need to let it
> run for days and see what the
> worst case time would be. :)

try to fill fs 100% and restart immediately.

My FS is almost unchangeable except for rapid updates of single file up to 100%
of free space and fast reboot after this - try to do this several times . If this
triggers the problem ?

PS. BTW thank you for your information and discussion.

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